Our Scout troop is very active in the outdoors with many meetings having an outdoor component in addition to our frequent camps.  As such, proper equipment is essential for an enjoyable safe experience.

The troop supplies all of the group equipment (stoves, lanterns, tents etc) so all you require is your own personal equipment.

Your Scout has already developed a personal gear list for many events in existing meetings.  Below is a list of retailers where you may wish to purchase equipment in no particular order.

Mountain Magic (don’t let it’s size deceive you, almost everything you need can be found here, Scouts get a discount)
2393 King George Blvd

MEC (huge selection, especially backpacks & clothing)

3 Vets (10% discount for Scouts, a wide assortment of gear
2200 Yukon Street Vancouver

Taiga Works (very good for raingear & sleeping bags)
390 West 8th Ave., Vancouver

Wholesale Sports (big selection, good for car camping stuff)
20175 Langley Bypass, Langley